Baby & Eczema Soap
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Baby & Eczema Soap

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Completely different than any of my other soaps, these bars are like bathing in lotion. If your hands are cracked and bleeding from eczema or harsh antibacterial hand wash at work these bars will work wonders on your skin. My Edmonton guys love these bars - the difference is amazing. Babies under 6 months need the unscented, after that age the Lavender is very calming or the Chamomile Lavender is extra soothing. Perfect for Wee OnesUltra Dry, Ultra Sensitive Skin.

100% Natural:   ZERO Artificial Anything

Vegetarian:        Organic Goat's Milk Cream

Gluten Free :      Choose the one without oat flour.

Ingredients:       Organic avocado oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, apricot kernel or hempseed oil, organic cocoa butter, organic Goat's Milk & Cream. May contain Lavender and/or Chamomile Essential Oil, or Organic Oat flour (these ingredients are in the titles above to help you choose). Minimum bar size: 100g



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