Cucumber Eye Serum
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Cucumber Eye Serum

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Cucumber oil possesses a unique anti-inflammatory agent the soothes many skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, sunburn, acne & rosacea. It makes the skin noticeably brighter and glowing. Cucumber seed oil also prevents blackheads & blemishes from coming back without making the skin dry. many find that it helps in diminishing dark under eye circles with continuous use. Moringa Seed Oil has been used for centuries to help wrinkles look finer and help prevent skin fatigue. This potent combination will greatly assist the comfort and appearance of dry winter. Ever get a little red, itchy spot on your eyelid? One tiny dab of this overnight and it's gone. I cannot be without this when I go to Lethbridge Alberta - seriously - the driest place in Canada! Feel free to use anywhere on the body - great for the little ones and some of my guys use it on their cheeks to repair wind damaged skin. I'll be bringing a lot of this to Fort Mac.

100% Natural:       ZERO Artificial Anything

Vegan:                    No Animal Products

Gluten Free:          Safe for Celiacs

Ingredients:           Organic cold pressed, unrefined cucumber seed oil & organic, cold pressed unrefined Moringa Seed Oil

Note: Due to ongoing supply issues with the 10ml vials, I have changed the size to 8ml.

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