People keel over when they find out my age. My skin looks easily ten years younger. And that’s with no makeup on.

They’d never guess that years ago, I had the most dry, itchy skin you can imagine. The winter months, with the cold dry air, were especially bad. My skin was so tight and raw, I’d cry. At one point, I had alligator-like scales from my ankles up. My doctor thought I had vein failure. Nope, just dry skin.

(And we all know, dry skin isn’t just uncomfortable. It ages you. A dry-skinned 40 looks more like 55.)

The thing is, I’d had access to the most expensive products on the market. I worked in department stores and sold 700-dollar creams. At these places, they trained you for a month before putting you on the floor -- so I knew my stuff. I knew what was good. Or so I thought.

Then, one day, I tried a bar of handmade soap - and - I couldn’t believe it! My skin stopped itching! I started buying handmade soap everywhere I found it. I became a connoisseur of “gourmet” handcrafted soaps.

I became fascinated with the art & science of natural soap making. After finding a book on making natural herbal soaps, I immersed myself in mastering the craft. I wanted the best bar of soap for my skin.

What began as a few bars of natural handmade soap made in my mothers’ kitchen has grown to include Eco-Luxe Botanical Skincare and a far reaching client base from St. John’s Newfoundland to Vancouver Island British Columbia.

Twelve years later and my customers are sending bars of my soap, deodorant, and herbal facial peels to the British Isles and the Far East! These products work so much better than the stuff they find anywhere, from Shopper’s Drug Mart to Holt Renfrew, that they’re dying to share them with dry-skinned friends all over the globe.


My mission is to help people right across Canada banish their dry, itchy skin. While we are spoiled on the South Coast of BC with soft water and a gentle climate, most of Canada suffers from hard water and a harsh winter climate that strips your skin of its moisture and elasticity. I should know; I spend the cold winter months with family in Ontario. Thanks to my products, my skin now holds up beautifully.

Your skin will never be the same after using my pure handcrafted natural soap. Gentle, soft, fluffy lather pampers your skin, leaving it soft and moisturized, instead of dry and itchy. Or scaly and crepey.

When you shop at my booth, you’ll find me there every day to consult with on your skincare needs. I’ve helped hundreds of people with their skin issues, for face & body.

And they’re amazed at the difference they see.

“My skin’s so good, I’m having trouble getting my senior’s discount.” - Karen, age 65


Buying natural isn’t just a “PC” thing. Sure, it’s good for the environment, but it’s also a secret weapon for your skin.

Natural soap is very different from commercial cleansing bars. What you see on store shelves is usually detergent in a bar. Synthetic detergent was originally formulated during the war years when oils & fats for soap making were in scarce supply. Commercial soap that is actually soap is made of inexpensive oils and the natural glycerin that is produced is removed. Often, cheap fillers, whiteners & synthetic fragrances are added. These ingredients can be drying and irritating to your skin. When your skin dries out, it loses it’s protective function - your skin is your largest organ - it works hard!


Why do commercial soap makers remove the glycerin? Because natural vegetable glycerin is a humectant, and draws moisture to your skin. Commercial soap makers remove it to save money and put it instead into their lotions. Their soap dries you out, their body wash dries you out even more, and then you need a lotion. Tons of it.

Natural handmade soap still contains all the glycerin that is produced during the soap making process. It is better than that clear, so-called “glycerin” soap.


What makes Watershed Naturals products so luxurious and effective?

Let’s start with the soap: It’s the avocado oil. Pure and simply, it makes better soap than olive oil. (That’s hard for olive-oil devotees to hear! But it’s true.) It’s also more expensive to make. A lot more. The rewards - your soap is more moisturizing, more soothing for your skin, with richer, fluffier lather. And there is a whole technical side to how the soap is made that makes the difference between having soft skin that needs no lotion, and using a bar of handmade olive oil soap that sadly, still leaves you feeling dry.

The deodorant? My customers begged me to make a natural one that worked. Their health food store deodorants were all failing them -- and when your deodorant doesn’t work...well, it stinks.
I researched my tail off, and after a lot of trial and error, came up with a product that, hallelujah, actually works. Even during that time of life when hormonal changes make themselves known in the funkiest way.

And all the rest, from the facial oils to the retexturizing masks, benefit from that same level of personal hunting and researching. I’m the queen of finding unique ingredients all over the world. Ingredients that cost too much for large companies to use. And that’s the beauty of small-batch, hand-crafted products.


I make every batch of soap using the old fashioned cold-processed method. This time- honoured tradition produces the Rolls Royce of natural handmade soap. The low temperatures preserve the integrity of the natural plant oil benefits for your skin.

I also add lots of unrefined, fair trade shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil or hemp seed oil. Coconut oil makes extra bubbly lather and all of my soaps are now free of palm oil. I am passionate about sourcing sustainable, organic ingredients (local where possible) that are good for our planet.
I care about what goes into my soap - because that is what goes into your skin.

My Goat’s Milk Soap is made with Fresh Organic Goat’s Milk from the Fraser Valley.
Avocado Baby! is for super sensitive skin, babies & delicate aging skin - extra avocado & apricot kernel. Perfect for eczema sufferers.

What you will NOT find in my soap or skincare is artificial anything! No synthetic colours, fragrances, dyes, GMO oils, sulfates, nasty preservatives or artificial emulsifiers or plastic containers. I use gorgeous glass containers that you will reuse or recycle.
My Eco-Luxe Botanical Skincare is raw beauty at it’s finest.

I personally test a bar of soap from every single batch. Although I do have a part time assistant to help me wrap soap and label the little kraft soap bags, I make 100% of the products by hand, in small batches to ensure perfection every time.

What Do My Customers Say?


“After using her soap, you won’t want to use anything else.”

“This is truly the best bar of soap I have ever used. I can tell that you are passionate about what you do.”

"I bought a bar of your soap at the Toronto Distillery Market. I'm obsessed. I use all natural and handmade but have never found a soap natural and handmade with luxury quality and performance."

"P.S: LOVE YOUR SOAP!!!! I have stopped packing a moisturizer when I travel now because of it!!!"


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