Brazilian Purple Clay Retexturizing Masque
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Brazilian Purple Clay Retexturizing Masque

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Brazilian Purple clay is the silkiest feeling clay. Your skin will feel smoother & softer with a finer texture. If you mix it with my Plumping Facial Toner it will heat up on your face and you will feel like you've had a two hour spa facial! Note that your face may be red for about 2 hours due to the improved blood circulation created by the masque.

Sensitive skins may prefer to mix with water for a more gentle experience.

100% Natural:        ZERO Artificial Anything

Vegan:                    No Animal Products

Gluten Free:          Safe for Celiacs

Ingredients:           Brazilian Purple Clay (dry powder - mix fresh for each use) 60ml

Mix 1 tbsp Brazilian Purple Clay with 2 tbsp water or Plumping Facial Toner. Massage gently into your pores and wait 10 minutes to dry. Gently remove with damp facecloth or damp cotton pads. NOTE: will stain light coloured facecloth.  

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